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"The track is a catchy anthem for anyone who’s ever been disappointed in the never-ending game of swiping left and right to find love...and packs a punch reminiscent of the early 2000s." - Addicted Magazine "No Emotion = No Tomorrow is definitely a bop, and I love that it's a throwback pop-punk track!" - Alex Viger-Collins (Host of Ashes to Ashes on CJLO)

MONTREAL, QC VIA TORONTO, ON - MARCH 28, 2022 - TODAY, Montreal Alt-Pop artist Emi Jeen unleashes the brand new video for her single "No Emotion = No Tomorrow". Directed by JP Charlebois (Wyclef Jean, Shay Lia, Enima, Thaïs), the video is a serious throwback to the '90s and 2000's. “In this video and to amplify the 90s vibe of the track, I decided to bring some inspiration from some of the favourite videos of my youth such as Blink 182, Avril Lavigne, & Simple Plan," shares JP. "High energetic performance, some green screen layovers, and a splash of the 2000s in there too!” Emi adds: “When JP told me about the 90s-2000s concept I totally loved it right away. It was already something we could feel in the track and now to have the music video that also brings us back in time visually gives me goosebumps.Watch HERE!

In one week "No Emotion = No Tomorrow" has been featured on Apple's "Breaking Alternative", "New in Alternative", "Made in Quebec"; Amazon's "Best of What's New", "Brand New Music", "Breakthrough Alternative", "Nouveautes", "Fresh Pop", "Fresh Alternative"; and Spotify's "It's A Bop".

The song was penned from Emi's first-hand experiences, along with some of her friends' stories about being ghosted. "I was so tired of seeing so many of my friends feeling like “s**t” cuz a guy or girl they were seeing stopped responding out of the blue. "No Emotion = No Tomorrow" is my pop-punk take on my friends and my own dating experiences," says Emi. "I was with a friend right before the recording session and she was telling me that she was seeing this guy and out of nowhere he ghosted her. When I got to the session Derek had this amazing track he worked on that morning… and I was totally inspired by my friend’s story!"

"No Emotion = No Tomorrow" was co-written and produced by Derek Hoffman (Alexisonfire, Arkells, Caveboy, GRAE, RALPH) and is the follow-up to her latest singles "One Million Perfume" and "Dark Lonely Summer". All of the new songs will be featured on her second EP, Why So Serious?, due out late summer 2022.

"No Emotion = No Tomorrow" Single Artwork /// Download

Stone cold you don’t care what I’m going through Big surprise all the lies pouring out of you You’re the cause you’re the dagger but you don’t care What’s the point if your heart was never really there

Emi established herself as “one to watch” - Wonderland Magazine with her 2020 EP The Other Side. The EP included the songs "Other Side", "Holy Water", "No Way Out" and garnered buzz from Indie 88, Obsessive-Compulsive, She Makes Music, Red Guitar Music, playlisting on Apple Music's "New Music Daily", "New in Alternative", "ALT CTRL", "Made in Quebec", and Spotify's "Ready To Rock".

PRAISE FOR EMI JEEN “Without a doubt, “One Million Perfume” marks the start of something exciting, fresh, and full of possibility.” - Atwood Magazine “With that driving force in mind, Emi highlights her power as a performer, lighting the way with candid emotion and relatability that fits comfortably in the Canadian indie rock scene.” - Dusty Organ (on “Dark Lonely Summer”)

"Her voice carries so much emotion you'll find yourself drawn into whatever she's feeling on each and every track - and an allure like that makes it certain she's destined for stardom." - Idobi Radio

"Her powerful vocals take the lead, coating the track in a deep shade of purple as she soars high into a magnificent chorus of stormy guitars and punchy percussions." - When The Horn Blows (on "Holy Water")

“Rarely has the dissection of destructive relationships felt so euphoric and seldom does the excavation of emotion make one feel such an urgent need to bust a move.” - Red Guitar Music (on "Other Side")

Photo by Emilie Hébert "No Emotion = No Tomorrow" Single Assets /// DOWNLOAD

What's The Story About Emi Jeen (pronounced M-EE GENE)? Montreal-based singer-songwriter Emi Jeen burst into the alt-pop scene as a solo artist in late 2015, telling evocative stories - at once hopeful and nostalgic; wistful and urgent; raw and graceful. Noted on stage for her theatrical energy and outspoken talent as a performer, it is also the exuberance of her dark pop style and aesthetic that leaves no one indifferent! In 2020, inspired by many heartbreaking experiences in the music industry and various traumas, Emi Jeen drew international attention with her debut EP as an Indie artist The Other Side, a powerful pop-alternative manifesto featuring the hit songs "Holy Water" and "Other Side". If her music is in line with a therapeutic logic of exteriorization of her emotions, she does not hide her diversified musical influences which gravitate between the great female voices of the industry, rock-metal, and pop of the 90s and 2000s. The emerging artist borrows the basis of her musical register from opera, which gives her a unique vocal dexterity, more surprising and spontaneous in live shows, and an unparalleled stage presence that she has developed over the years while performing in front of adoring crowds in Dubai, Morocco, Thailand, and Malaysia with the all-female band A.K.A. Emi Jeen reveals herself with confidence that is embodied in the recent release of the first track from her new project, "Dark Lonely Summer", and the song "One Million Perfume". To begin a brand new chapter, and without hiding her international aims, the next EP entitled Why So Serious?, to be released by the end of Summer 2022 promises a pop-rock 90s inspired production, powerful voices, and vulnerability.

For Media Inquiries, Please Contact: Beth Cavanagh - Publicist What's The Story? 416.803.7685

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