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"One Million Perfume" Single Artwork /// Download

TORONTO, ON - JANUARY 19, 2022 - Have you ever met someone and had an intense electrical connection...but once those feelings dissolve away the only memory left in the end is their scent? That is exactly what inspired Montreal Alt-Pop artist Emi Jeen to pen her brand new single "One Million Perfume" - OUT TODAY. Listen here. The new track was co-written and produced by Derek Hoffman (Arkells, GRAE, RALPH), and is the follow-up to her latest single "Dark Lonely Summer". Both tracks will be featured on her second EP due out later this year!

"It’s in the air It’s in the air It hits me hard but I don’t care Ecstasy on my skin Like a bittersweet memory that was never there"

When Emi jumped into the studio with Derek he started playing a beat that instantly reminded her of his perfume. "I fell in love very quickly;" says Emi. "It was so intense and electrical. We had an instant connection. Nothing mattered anymore. I was addicted to him, to his scent. For many reasons this love or maybe we should call it lust didn’t last. But, while I was recovering from this lover… I was keeping a sample of his perfume in my purse… to bring back the good memories.


Up until now, Emi has been known for evocative songs that showcase her emotionally raw and powerful vocals as heard on her 2020 EP The Other Side. However, with her new material, she is beginning to move away from the darkness and slowly starting to see the light. She is ready to uncover herself (as seen with the new single artwork) and be more open with her fans. While she is a very bubbly person in real life, Emi really loves to use her art and music to delve into deeper emotions that she has been holding on to.

Photo by Emilie Hebert

"One MIllion Perfume" Single Assets // DOWNLOAD

What's The Story About Emi Jeen (pronounced M-EE GENE)? Emi Jeen’s songs tell her tale - at once hopeful and nostalgic; wistful and urgent; raw and graceful. The Montreal-based alt-pop artist is known for evocative songs that showcase her emotionally raw and powerful vocals. With compelling and honest tracks, Jeen has established herself as “one to watch” - Wonderland Magazine.

Emi Jeen has spent the past five years refining her sound and finding her unique, individual style, finally displaying her self-confidence on her Debut EP - “The Other Side”. With the creative support of Derek Hoffman (Arkells, GRAE, RALPH, The Darcys, The Trews), “The Other Side” is as polished as urgent as it is to listen.

The story of Emi Jeen begins in a small town of 3000 on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, QC. There she trained in opera, laying the groundwork for Emi's unique musical sound. In 2012 Emi joined girl group AKA. AKA had a song on Ubisoft’s video game Just Dance 4, which sold 8-million copies worldwide. The group toured across Asia to adoring crowds in Dubai, Morocco, Thailand and Malaysia.

For Media Inquiries, Please Contact: Beth Cavanagh - Publicist What's The Story? 416.803.7685

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